Core Values

J-Toon Studios is an Indonesian based intellectual property developer and production group of companies.  J-Toon Studios aims to be at the forefront of the creative industry by focusing on becoming Indonesia’s ambassador of creative economy.  J-Toon products and services are of worldwide excellence and are geared towards preserving Indonesia’s rich cultural heritage via a contemporary form of storytelling.

Our Values

1. Indonesia’s Richness

We are promoting the richness of Indonesia’s culture, flora and fauna, its’ unique human and natural resources, and promoting our traditional values that can be beneficial and enjoyed by every nations.

2. Family Bond

Our values grew from a strong bond of our every personnel as one big family. Our personnels are upholding our core values, supporting each other to ensure that our vision of betterment for Indonesia’s next generation is realized fully.

3. Worldwide Excellence

We are committed to bring our nation’s creations to shine not only locally, but also to the world stage.